Thursday, November 3, 2011

From Veronica's Dream Journal

Veronica found this old email she had sent me years ago about a strange dream. I thought it was pretty funny, so here it is for your enjoyment:

"In one dream, I think that your parents, the Waalkes' and my family were having a get together. It was outdoor, in some place like a park, and everybody was sitting in a circle talking about nothing important and drinking. The Waalkes (the boys), you, a friend of mine and I were sitting on a large couch, the others were sitting on chairs. I know it's weird, but Mr. Waalkes and Joey were wearing some kind of white men's afro. Some of us were drunk, and Mr. Waalkes was one of them. At one point, he left his chair, came close to the couch to make a joke about Phil and suddenly he punched Phil in his stomach. It became an awkward situation and I was already a little bit nervous, so I let out a loud laugh, but you and the boys seemed to be very offended by that and glared at me while Mr. Waalkes walked away like nothing had happened. Later, all of us were in another place but it was still the same park and there was a rock concert going on inside one building. I spent most time in this part of the dream walking around the park by myself while everybody was enjoying the concert (even our parents). Towards the end of the dream I decided to go inside the building to see what you were doing. The Waalkes and you were laughing loudly and making fun of the band and you were totally wasted. I couldn't understand what you were saying, so I asked you how much beer you had drunk and you said that you had had only nine glasses, but you were actually talking about those big German beer mugs (I don't know the name in English). There was a bench next to us and we sat there, I had my arm around you, suddenly you started to lay down on the bench and you past out in a few seconds. "

My favorite moment is when Mr. Waalkes punches Phil. Priceless moments.


  1. Phil must have been talking about Fairywinkles: my dad's only weakness. Also I'm not sure if you guys knew this but I did indeed have an Afro phase while I was away at college. So that is fitting, as is the part about us all drinking and talking about nothing. I wish my dreams were this entertaining. I give your dream an A+.

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