Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Violence in Video games

Violent video games don't always make us aggressive

Since violent video games were responsible for Columbine and 9/11, our culture has rightfully persecuted them with the spiteful vigor they deserve. Seriously, I know while some of you enjoy scalping screaming, innocent civilians in video games, but I do believe that too many video games use of violence is lazy, sensationalist, and devoid of a discussion of the way violence functions in our society. Too many video games copy the way violence has been used in other games without regard to the way it effects human life to the point where a game that does not use killing, such as Pokemon, seem refreshing. Violence can be an incredible way of bring tension and drama to a story when it is portrayed with the gravity or satire it deserves (I'm thinking Shakespeare).
This article I believe hits the nail right on the head and is required reading for all of you. Please turn in a one page response paper to me by next Monday.

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