Saturday, October 9, 2010

Call out

Dear Mr. Highway Melon/Inspector Gadget/FishWish4Bubblez/Goat596/Frog/MoonMilkPaladin79/LouisLouisForPresident/HighwaymeloN/Biblofroghermit/Terrorist A.K.A. Joey Waalkes,

Stop changing your name. It makes the homosexual, hippie, vegan, Mexican, minority, communist, socialist, democrat, Muslim, unwashed, Black terrorists win.

Sir Thomas Edward Cicero "Blufflo Wings" Waaflus Waalkes II Jr.

Ps. Billy shut the fuck up.


  1. Tommy is right because if we ever stop laughing, loving and starting internet flame wars the terrorists will win. However, all will be forgiven in my mind if Joey makes another episode of Christ Kitty.

  2. Dear, Mr. Waaflus,

    Is Billy the guy that lives in your head with Zack and Cody because I don't see anyone named Billy in this blog?

    Fartie Mcgee

  3. Do you mean Waalkes 2.0? Like a normal Waalkes only with bionic arms and legs? As long as only one person changes their name a bunch there's no problem, as you can always identify them. However, if we all did could be interesting from in an anonymous sort of way. And what did this rant have to do with Matt Damon?

    I'm hungry. Time for Cheetos or is it Cheesetoes?