Sunday, February 14, 2010

Musings and Observations

1) This Friday while walking from one class to another I heard someone use the phrase "intellectual masturbation."
2) Immediately following this, I walked past a girl jumping up and down yelling "Fuck poetry!" over and over again. This is my life.
3) It's super fun to watch DBZ while drunk and eating bologna sandwiches.
4) I'm currently wearing a mustache I made out of a index card and a black permanent marker, I feel cool.

1) What's so great about pants?
2) How am I like a bear?
3) Where did all the ghosts go in the Law Library?


  1. You, a bear? Where did you get this idea? But now that you mentioned it... My first guess is that you might share the same interest in getting food from trash bins, but there must be something else. (jk)

  2. 1. To quote the warrior poet John Tesh, "All in all, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series are the best books that I have ever read. I'm hoping that Ann Brashares will write a fourth book, but I having a feeling that the third one will be the last."

    2. At first I assumed a bear was your spirit animal after you consumed that ice cream sundae in the zoo parking lot. I have since realized through a series of trust-building exercises that most bears prefer butter pecan. You might call it a hurtful stereotype, but explain that to Alexander Gram Bell.

    3. All the ghost lawyers were needed in the ghost of Michael Jackson's trial. Too soon?

  3. Fuck poetry? Like I've always said, Seattle truly is the Wild West. As for bologna and DBZ, I concur.
    Maybe the ghosts are visiting the winter olympics and fucking up competitive speed skaters' triple axle jumps.