Friday, June 23, 2017

Mayank Never Gave a Speech Like This Because He got one A-.

This might be the most epic class president speech since Tommy's famous vending machine speech of '98. It also makes me think something like this could be a really funny Tommy and friends episode where Tommy wins his class election by giving everyone scratch and sniff stickers. Then the principal cuts his mic when he gives a speech promising vending machines. Then Tommy sneaks into the principal's office with hippo to leave a little surprise.


  1. Fuuuck yeah! My classes' valedictorian used to always cheat in French class. Stay in school kids and be sure to cheat if you're not smart enough to be the winner.

  2. Damn, maybe you should have told Rick Flair to come give him a piledriver during the test. He/she was cheating off you I assume?

  3. Nah she never cheated off me. My expansive french knowledge would have fried her brain. I did see her cheat using the cheat sheet method on a couple occasions.

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