1. It was the dads joint. Also they edited out the part after where they all lit up and had a family smoke session because chesus told them to. The dad on this show is a Cosby level creep irl aaand 7th heaven is a fucking dumpster fire to begin with.

  2. How is it that people who work the hardest to have the cleanest personas often have the most creepy behavior to hide (cough, subway Jared, cough, achoo)? Someone really needs to do a movie/show parodying seventh heaven.

  3. Oh hi subway I see you're advertising 6 dollar foot longs all the time now. I dunno why but I've still got this 5 dollar foot long jingle from 2008 stuck in my head. Why is that though? Did i just dream it? Ok subway I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just forget about the 5 dollar foot longs you used to sell. Oh sorry subway you used to have a spokesman named Jared? Ok yeah I'll just wipe him from my memory too. It's a good thing you're sandwiches are so healthy and delicious because I'd never put up with this sort of bullshit from any other multi-million dollar sandwich corporation. Oh what's that? Your sandwiches do suck? Sorry subway we've had a good run but I think it's time we part ways...

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