New Art! (Updated {Again})

Dear As I Run,  Just wanted to show off some new adventure game backgrounds I've been working on in my spare time.  It took me like 3 hours to finish the shading on the Easter Island head's upper lip.

Updated some more!


  1. Holy cow, these look great! There's so much detail in the texturing. I would have definitely believed these were from an old adventure game, if you hadn't told me they were yours. You are getting really good at this.

  2. Thanks! I'm working on a new style for these. Takes a little longer but I think it turns out better.

  3. I agree these are badass! They have this dreamy, fairy tale, children's book thing going, but also have this unique sort of combination of texturedness and graininess that reminds me of heroes 2 art.

  4. Woah, the new version of the head statue is awesome. I also really like the tree, especially the shadow. The attention to detail is amazing!

  5. Thanks! I joined the AGS forum and am getting tips on art. Also Bob Ross.


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