Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brule's Rules

You (and by you I mean my fellow authors of this blog, celebrities, everyone who has ever looked at a webpage on the internet, the chickens pictured below, myself and especially Jared from the Subway commercials who is not a celebrity) are fat!!!! You need to loose some weight. You need to go on a diet. Here are some tips for you if you can spare a few seconds of shoving Doritos into your mouth with your fat sausage fingers to be able to wipe off the dust and click your mouse.

Also, you need to get some exercise fat-ass!!!! Might I suggest Estonia Werewolf Wrestling . . .

For your health!!!!!


  1. Yeah Phil! Take Subway Jared down a peg. I'm not buying his phony persona either. His smug sense of achievement is irksome. Subway Jared is a stupid idiot!

  2. Another stupid thing about Subway Jared is that you can't say his name without the word Subway in front of it, otherwise people have no idea who the hell you are talking about! A real person doesn't have to have the name of some huge corporation shoved in front of their name.