Thursday, February 7, 2013

Real Talk: There's Something Wrong With My Toast

Hey sports fans.  Its time for an official blog meeting.  As you know, summer is just around the corner.  In order to make this the best summer ever we have scheduled a week at The Waalkes Cottage.  The dates are July 20th until July 27th.  We would like everyone to come.  Hopefully this works for you guys.  We had been planning on scheduling it a little closer to the summer but as always there's some Waalkes extended family drama going on.  If no one shows, it will be me, Mom, Dad, and the Bells.  Never again will I be forced to take a nap against my will.  I mean, wtf, they wouldn't even let me listen to my headphones while they were napping!  But I digest.  We just wanted to give you all advanced notice now that we've scheduled the week.  TTYL

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