Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our new Blog Mascot?

Serious though, that thing doesn't give a fuck.


  1. I agree with you that the blog should have an official mascot. It's kinda sorta been that Dutch girl and Christ Kitty but we've never had an official mascot. I feel a honey badger may not be photogenic enough though, sorry Mr. Unicorn. Maybe we should have some sort of competition or voting or something.

    Or should we just bring back the Dutch girl? Kinda feel like I nuked the fridge on that Llama banner...

  2. I think a mascot is a splendid idea. Might I suggest a picture of Tommy eating a stick of deodorant in a similar fashion to the way a squirrel would eat a nut?

    If we are more into wild beasts, might I suggest a duck? Ducks are majestic creatures of uncompromising intellect and magical power. Also, did you know that back when they were writing the constitution Millard Fillmore wanted the duck to be the national bird, but the NRA shot him for attempting to steal a vial of apple sauce from their Sunday brunch before he could sign the national bird contract?