Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Shaq Week

Welcome to Shaq Week!  Since Chicken Week went so well 2 years ago and Tommy has expressed an interest in Shaq, I've decided to try another theme week.  Until next Monday April 9th, 2012 all posts and comments must be Shaq related in hopes to raise awareness and support for Shaq, the most underrated player in the NBA.  Feel free to discuss how Shaq only makes half his free throws or how he doesn't like Kobe.  Hopefully with your support Shaq will visit and endorse AIRARHCC.  Thank you and may Shaq always shine down on you from Mt. Olympics where he sits with Hashoop, Heesh, and Hexprak.


  1. Also, if you have something to say that is not Shaq related please post like this:

    (Shaq)I went to the (Shaq) store to pick up some (Shaq) Cheetos. That Chester Cheeta (Shaq) is just so (Shaq) cute and I (Shaq) love his adverts!(Shaq)

  2. Chicken week was a runaway success by all definitions and I welcome Shaq week with open arms and a knee to Kobe's nuts. All that Shaq week needs to threepeat this unparalleled level of dominance is a free throw and little floating Shaq heads raining down on the whole internet (or at least this blog). Joey, make it happen! Ali Baba First Time Slammer!