Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Blog's Greatest Hits: Some Remembries!

This blog has been around for quite some time, and we've had some nice laughs. I wanted to compose a top ten greatest one hit wonders and have be hosted by the Cutting Crew. They didn't really return my calls, so I guess I have to host the top ten:

10) The time where Chad had his way with that girl in the back of that Humvee. That was fucking awesome. It was so funny. Man Chad can have his way with me mmmmhmmmm.

9) The time during the Bush years where Dick Cheney bad mouthed us on Rush Limbaugh. That was super epic! Man Dick Cheney is Darth Vader. He's probably sitting on the Deathstar right now watching fail blog videos.

8) That one time where Christ Kitty did my taxes. So awesome!

7)When Joey made that really controversial statement about flan that got this blog banned in Mongolia and lower Mollasia. That was ballsy! My contract says I can't really say anything of substance so let's move on!

6) That time Freiza went berserk and committed genocide several times. So cool!!!

5) Remember the time when SPD was good? Neither do I!

4) The time when due to our blog, the fertile and young Billy received that kidney transplant he needed! Sweet!

3) The time where Randy Buehler guest blogged, and I peed, pooed, and jizzed myself at the same time. Bangin'! Needless to say I had to do some laundry after that!

2) The time where I used the blog to call out Cataline in the senate, thus saving the republic from an incredibly dangerous and lengthy civil war. Cataline was such a little bitch! Woah, tubular!

1) That one time where we all banded together and went on a decade long quest to retrieve the Copulus Bible from the deepest depths of Vladimir the Impaler's castle in order to prevent Iblis from escaping his bottled prison, and conjoining with Rongar the destroyer in order to sew the chaos that would ferment the Rangorok where water would into a mix of blood and semen and cattle would whiter and die and the soil would turn grey and fruitless slowly yet swiftly choking the life from our planet, eradicating everything we know love and hold dear. Kick A$$!


  1. Hmmm. I don't remember any of this! Although it might have something to do with my recent frontal lobotomy. I can't say for sure. Now where did I leave that ham sandwich?

  2. Are you guys still in for the secret plan for next Wednesday to sneak into the Mongolian's sultan's palace and Free JW?!? The Mongolians are flan fascists and I will not rest until all of those evil-doers who have desecrated the good name of our family, and also Betty Crocker, are forced to eat spoonful after spoonful of real bacon-grease-smothered American flan!

    Also, dude, you can't wash those Randy Buehler pants. They are a national treasure.

  3. This is your friend Joey's Mongolian captor. We demand you send us all of your (What is Mongolia known for...) All of your Mongolian Beef with broccoli. Also, I need Christ Kitty to look at my 401K if he can fit me in.