Hot Bath Question of the Week

 I just ate a bowl of carrots while taking a hot bath. What do you think is the most appropriate food to consume with partaking in a refreshing hot bath? I say grapes.


  1. To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever eaten while taking a hot bath, except sour gummi worms. I have had a few beers, which is a lot of fun. I also usually listen to music. Grapes or carrots are probably better than gummi worms, since they won't make your fingers sticky...but gummi worms are tasty.

  2. I used to smoke cigarettes while in the shower. The trick is not getting your head, one hand, or the cigarette wet. It's difficult and totally pointless.
    But yeah I like music and beer when I take a bath. Can't say I've ever eaten in the bath though...

  3. Actually the cigarette in the shower is rather impressive, although perhaps, as you say, totally pointless. I have to say I never managed something so great when I was smoking.

    Imagine eating some left over chicken curry in the bath with some rocking music and beer? That might be the best.

  4. Damn that sounds like heaven must be like: Never-ending chicken curry, a never-cooling hot bath, ever-flowing beer, and a body incapable of hangover or pruning fingers. Although smoking might not be the best choice, the shower or bath is an excellent place for multitasking. I have tried brushing my teeth, which didn't work well, shaving, which is pretty good except you can't see what you are doing until I invent the shower mirror, and reading where there is always the anxiety of the book becoming ruined. When I was a baby I had these little blow up story books that I took into the bath, why can't they sell all books this way?

  5. That does sound like heaven. I would say, if you want to read in the shower, get audio books and listen to them. I do that on occasion. It's probably easier to get books on tape than blow up story books, even though they would be cooler.


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