Obama Comic 69: the Final confront tation


  1. I love that the size of the picture kind of breaks the blog formatting, like this comic is too epic to be contained by typical blog conventions. I also like that we get a metacommentary on the last panel in the text but then an editor's note after that...or is "editoers: note:" a note to the editors? Was there an editor for this? So many questions.

  2. I might not be up on my Obama comics lore, but is that Shaq in the first panel? Is he trying to destroy America because he knows it will upset Kobe? Or is it because he is bitter about an icy hot accident?

  3. Also, that is the new correct spelling of MCcdONALLDs! !! !

  4. Are the rumors true? Is this the final obamacomic?

  5. The handsome Basketball player in the first panel is Kobe reprising his role as Myknock reprising his role as Dr. David Doak from Goldeneye. He plays B-Ball Slappers only.

    This sadly will have to be the conclusion of the main story arc for the Obama Comic. I will do one more comic depecting what happens to Obama. Does he get away with his dastardly plan to destroy all American institutions? Will Obama learn a very important lesson: a cactus lesson? Will the forces of good, patriotism, and common sense be able to defeat Obeezy once and for all? What is going to happen to good old fashioned values?!
    Tune in on erection day to find out, on the next DRAGON BALL Z er I mean OBURESMA COCMIC

    I'll totally do one off adventures for Obama and pals, but I feel like I've explored his character fully, so we might not get complex arcs like `09's Beck and Palin vs. Obama or `14's Obama nukes everything you love.


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