Friday, October 21, 2016

Sweetwater, TX

We stopped at a gas station. A country establishment. Part wild west general store, part haunted house. Like one of those abandoned farm shacks that pass you by on the highway when you've been moving long enough to be hypnotized.  Chow chow was eating cigarette butts off the ground. I looked down the road. Its something I'll always remember. A blonde girl riding a horse in the leafy distance. Hooves crunching the gravel.  She reared her beautiful head and we locked eyes for an instant.  Shyly, I turned away. When I turned back, she was already gone. If it was something, a hallucination or a waking dream, it wouldn't have felt it like I did. There's a difference. Somehow subconsciously there's a realness and a visceral feeling behind it. Like really real. But whoever she was, wherever she was going in life and otherwise, she was already gone. With this lingering, I went inside and bought a bag of chicharrones.

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