I've caught the AGS bug again and since I haven't posted in a fortnight, here's a WIP adventure game background I've been drawing.  Constructive criticisms welcome!


  1. Wow this looks really great! I love how the water looks. If I had a criticism, it would be the opening of the volcano (?). Could that be shaded to show depth? I guess shading it with gray might be confusing with the rock. With dark blue or purple? Otherwise, it's fantastic!

  2. Thanks Justin! Updated! I've tinkered with the colors and island location some. You're right about the opening. It may be hard to tell but I added some red to make it look like lava down there.

  3. I can just barely see the the red. I think it's an improvement, though the whole thing looks good regardless! Will the image fill the screen in the game? I think if that's the case, the red will probably be a lot more obvious than it shows up on the blog.

  4. I agree this does look really nice. Very tropical and peaceful. The way the sun is reflecting off the water is a really nice touch. Maybe adding some happy little palm trees onto the island?


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