Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Plans

Right now our Christmas plans involve visiting my parents from the 19th to the 2nd or 3rd. Unfortunately, since we're planning on traveling with a kitty we can't really swing by chez Waalkes. However, as you may or may not know, we just got a car recently and I was planning on trying to come down for a visit for a long weekend some time in January. It will mainly depend on Veronica's work schedule. Certainly, if possible I think it would be nice to meet Liz before the wedding, but we'll have to see how the schedules work out. If Tommy is going back on the 8th, we may not be able to catch him before he's gone. If you have any weekends that won't work, let us know.

In other Christmas news, if you all aren't tired of them as gifts, Veronica and I will make you more ancient commanders. I can bring them with me when I come to visit in January. So, I'm officially taking requests on language/material and commanders. I've been learning Sumerian this semester, so we can add that to the list: Sumerian, Akkadian (Old Babylonian or Neo-Assyrian), Ugaritic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Middle Egyptian. Sumerian, Akkadian, and Ugaritic would be on clay per usual. I could do Aramaic, Hebrew, and Middle Egyptian on papyrus or potsherds. Let me know what you'd like.


  1. PS. Anyone up for orange juice? I've got such a craving.

  2. It's high time I had a female commander. Or is Sharuum female? I think it'd be cool to have a Sumerian Olivia.

    Looking forward to William Wednesday 2016!

  3. I would love another ancient commander. How about Aurelia? You can make it in any language you want with whatever culture/mythology you and Veronica feel like would best fit the card. That way it will be surprise.

    That would be awesome if you all could come for a visit in January. I will have interviews that I am putting together for the incoming doctoral students until 5pm on January 15 and 22, but really any weekend in January should work for us. Liz is excited to meet you all.

    For Your Orange Juice Cravings:

  4. I think Sharuum is a female sphinx, but I can do Olivia in Sumerian. Aurelia shouldn't be a problem. I have a couple of ideas for that, so we'll see what works best. I may have to do some abbreviation on the text, since they're both a little wordy, but it shouldn't be a problem.

    It really seemed like those girls doing the OJ commercial were drunk. Maybe the OJ was a screwdriver. I blame the mother! Outrage! Outrage! Never mind, I'm too lazy. How about a nap?