Thursday, December 4, 2014

As I Run Would Like To Thank It's New Sponsor Fred's Beds!

Dear readers,

As you all may have heard on the news Fred's Beds (The best place on the block to buy a duvet) is now the official sponsor of AIR&RHCC!  Fred personally called me and said he appreciated all of our mattress related content over the years as well as our brilliant new banner!  He said our blog helps him sleep better during the cold Michigan winter nights where all you have to look forward to are squirrel jerky and the idea that one day, death will bring an end to all the snow!  Our new partnership with Fred means we get all that sweet mattress money to update the blog with better backgrounds and that Hip Hop theme music that is so popular among readers these days!  Going forward all blog posts and comments must mention Fred's Beds at least once but preferably twice or more!  If you don't talk about Fred's Beds, Fred will find you...

Follow Fred's Beds on Twitter! Leave a comment in the comment section! Follow Fred's Beds on Facebook! Give us your email address so we can send you spam daily mattress updates!  Watch Fred in bed on Youtube!  Friend Fred on MySpace!  Leave a comment in the comment selection to be entered into a contest for a new bed post!


As I Run

DISCLAIMER: Fred was not responsible for Hurricane Katrina or the BP oil spill.


  1. Also dude,

    Only 2 more posts to tie the 2nd most posts ever for the blog.

    Fred's Beds.

  2. Two questions (our new comment segment sponsored by Fred's Beds -- The best place to buy mattresses to have sex on, as long as you're not fat):

    1. Can we now afford those animated gifs of Omar scratching?

    2. Do you have a link to a youtube video of Fred getting restful sleep in one of his own beds?

  3. 1. Yes, but we only had enough money for the one. See above.

    2. Here's an outstanding youtube link of a Fred's Beds commercial:

    Tell us your Fred's beds story on Twitter! #Poopedundertommyspillow

  4. I would also like to add that the above link is borderline-NSFW and if you can make it to 43ish seconds you win!

  5. Dude, I think we might need to have an Omar Scratching blog week now. Sponsored by Fred's Beds of course (Home of the world's only bed made of butternut squash and armpit hair).

    Also that was a high quality song, Joey.

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