Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oregon Trail LARPING!


I haven't actually this article, but we totally need to do this!! Justin, as our resident LARPing expert, I will let you help us know who will be the first one to get dysentery and who will be the first one to waste all 500 of our bullets shooting at that buffalo that was only on the screen for just a fraction of a second on the first two days of our journey.


  1. Dysentery: The Superbowl of Diarrhea

    I'm down for LARPing. We can use the van as the wagon. Just drive it around the neighborhood at like a mile an hour with the side doors open. We'll need a BB gun to shoot at squirrels with though. Or we could just get a yard stick and run around going "pew pew."

  2. I'm glad to do what I can. I'll have to work out a system of realistic statistical probabilities for disasters etc, which I will be able to calculate on the fly thanks to my 20-sided die, since we all know that any dungeon master worth his weight in geldings goes nowhere without his 20-sided die. Also, Tommy will probably die of catastrophic diarrhea within the first 20 min. He should never have eaten that festering bull penis after marathon humping a nearby oak tree.