Sunday, June 10, 2012

My bad Experience at Food Lion

"Decided to be productive and go grocery shopping. The cashier took my coupons and one wouldn't ring up. His response? "This one doesn't work, here you go..." Well, why didn't it work? He didn't want to call the manager over, even though I had the right items and it had not expired. His reasoning was that it must only be select varieties. If it was only select varieties, why would the stupid coupon say "ALL varieties" in bold letters! Needless to say, the manager came over and rang it through! I wasn't leaving without my $1 off!!!"
This woman taught me in high school....


  1. A man who screamed “Fuck the mayor!” and spat in the general direction of Mayor Daley in 2011 has been sentenced to three years in prison. He ran from cops after they asked him for an ID, and one of the police officers in pursuit was grazed by a bus. The court charged Janusz Kopycinski with aggravated battery of a police officer and resisting arrest. One might question why (first) yelling at a politician is cause for an arrest, in America anyway, and (second) how is Kopycinski responsible for the cop not spotting a moving bus? It’s okay though, these types of civil liberty issues can get swept under the rug once Lindsey Lohan gets in a car crash or something.

  2. Joey, can you read that again only with more tootsie rolls in your mouth? I couldn't quite understand you.

  3. Why are you (facebook) stalking your teachers from high school? If the reason has to do with jelly beans you get bonus points.