Sunday, February 19, 2012

Introduction to A Heroes of Might and Magic Retrospective

Since the blog is sort of dead and I have an intense addiction to Heroes, I've decided to do Heroes Retrospective and run through each game plus its expansions and discuss what was cool and lame about each game. After getting over my aversion to change, I've been playing Heroes 4 and 5 and I have found them to be quite enjoyable. After wracking my brain for years as to which Heroes game is my favorite I've come to this conclusion: Heroes 1 created a basic formula and each successive game is just a reinterpretation of the basic formula. Sort of like legend of Zelda where each game is a new interpretation of the same basic components. Where core of Zelda is dungeon crawling, exploration, and the acquisition of new gear, the core of the Heroes is resource management and Hero development. I think all totaled, I've sank more hours into all the Heroes games (mostly 2 and 3) than any other game series. I want to try and break down what makes these games so damn fun and interesting. Also, I want to analyze the different interpretations of the formula, particularly Heroes 4 and 5, which are considered black sheep of the Series.


  1. This is a great idea. I'm looking forward to reading these to hear your take on each one and especially on the finer points of the often overlooked, but still good 4 & 5. This will be to best thing since Joey did his Quest for Glory retrospective and also sliced bread.

  2. I also want to hear your take on the less popular Heroes. I know we've had numerous discussions on whether 2 or 3 is better but I know next to nothing of the others.