Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Petition For Tommy Waalkeres Not to Eat Deorderant

I Tommy Waalkes Don't want to eat Deorderant. It's toxic and filled with the obama (you know the black man who's been eye fucking your daughter. I do not have mandingo fantasies so back off. I'm a middle aged female with 2 Children who speaks her mind. Banjo Kazooie is one the best games ever printed. Jace approves of my not eating deodorant. If there are 20 million comments here I will not eat deodorant. You're all patriots Right? Watch the glen Beck show ever day @ 3 o clock. Georege Wasinmoton loved America and my famous curly fries you should too. Joey is pedophile who ate beenie weenies and FUCKED a little girl who was actually legal so its all goood. Fucking Japan. I love Japan. They make video games and school girls look more apealling. Ichi Bawls Teiasu will neva neva die. I have played AOE till 4 in the morning sevberal times. Waka waka. The circus is in town. going down down. Living in this sweet soul town. Going down down down. Sarah Palin has licked my nuts a lot.l