New Banner

Any critiques on the Banner/Color Scheme/Background? Lets take a vote. Do I include the dogs or keep it like this?


  1. I say this is an improvement overall, but I miss the dogs or at least something running to go with the title.
    Also, Christ Kitty is a total badass and needs to appear in every photo every displayed on this blog. Also, do you think Christ Kitty is about ready to rip off the tucan's head and eat it for breakfast or do you think he is thinking this stupid tucan isn't worth my time?

  2. Pretty damn cool! I thought Christ Kitty was doing the running for the title. And I think he's totally going to fuck that Tucan up. I don't know if he'll eat it, but watch out. I'm glad the little girl is still there, that's such a great picture. Really demonstrates the heart of the blog.

  3. In my opinion it doesn't need the dogs as long as you have Christ Kitty ready to pounce. I like the background and banner! I say this is good, no need to change.

  4. I'll try and do more banners and switch them out periodically.

  5. That would be fun. It would never hurt to mix it up some. Spice it up!


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