Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Are the Next Contestant!

Ok, since choose your own adventure blogging is the future of the internet, here we go . . .

You have worked so hard and studied your ass off on obscure Russian composers and capitals of Eastern European countries and inventors of medical equipment and now you big moment is finally here. You are on Jeopardy!!!  Your two opponents look like pushovers with whiteout sniffing habits and you have your thumb ready on the buzzer as Alex Trebek (or is it Justin with a mustache?) reads of the first answer: Jesus is the answer.

You buzz in and think, OMG! If Jesus is the answer, what is the question? There could be so many correct questions, but how will you find the right one so you can win enough money to fund you llama theme park and night club. So, dear blog readers, what is your question?


  1. I'll start you off with my question:

    Who gives the cheapest blow jobs after 2am in downtown Detroit?

  2. My question: How can I balance my stock portfolio while keeping my 401K viable?

    My other question: Where's the Baloney?

  3. My Question: Who killed off the dinosaurs with global warming and then invented the microwave?

    Followup Question: Who left that flaming bag of poop on my front yard, again?

  4. Followup, followup Question: Who would Jesus Do?