Friday, April 30, 2010

Memorable Magic Moments #1

1. Hanabi Blast Nastiness:

Hanabi Blast is by no means a good card. 2 damage for 1RR is makes me sneeze like a panda. (Old Chinese Proverb.) This card has the potential to go off over and over if you're lucky. Once I did get it to work to devastating affect though. We were playing multiplayer and some one had knocked out Phil and it was me V. Justin. I had to burn out Justin before he killed me with Meloku and it was almost dinner time. Over the course of 2 turns, I dealt Justin 10 damage through 5 iterations of Hanabi Blast. My Dad was up in the attic talking to us about something and nobody was paying full attention to him because we were all watching the epic awesomeness. Justin was at exactly 10 life. The 1st turn I had 5 cards in hand and 9 mountains in play. 1 Hanabi Blast and the other 4, let's say Wall of Rocks, Wall of Stone, Wall of Lava and Wall of Razors. I cast Hanabi Blast, discard Wall of Stone. 2 damage. Cast Blast again, discard Wall of Razors. 4 damage. Cast again. Discard Wall of Lava. 6 damage. Out of mana. Justin's turn. Meloku gets me down to 1 life. My turn. Play Hanabi Blast discarding Wall of Rocks. 8 Damage. Followed up by the last Hanabi Blast. 10 damage! All of us we're like "Holy Shit" only we couldn't say that because it would be rude to my Dad who was still talking. It worked like a monkey on steroids. This will forever be my coolest magic moment ever.

What are your most Memorable Magic Moments/Achievements?


  1. Some of my favorite magic games are when you get a real tense tight-wire walk of an end game. Something where everyone is a low life and everyone has a decent amount of threats on the board, but if one person kills another they will die to the third person the next turn. As long as there is no impatient player who will just randomly attack like Chris, these games remain intense and have a lot of strategic fun. This hanabi blast situation above was sort of like that, although as I recall you were a total underdog to win and had to get so lucky with such a bad card. As I recall I thought you had taken out Justin and another player, although maybe I don't remember correctly.

    Anyway, this is a great idea for a blog post and I look forward to seeing more. And let me give a shout out to wall of stone: keep it real, playa!!

  2. I seem to recall Joey taking someone else out and then me, which only adds to the awesomeness of the story. Is it okay if I claim this as one of my memorable magic moments too? I didn't do the blasting, but I really enjoyed the game. Similarly, there was the game where as soon as I cast Tooth & Nail, you guys all got up to leave the room, except Tommy who forgot.

    Speaking of coming from behind, do you guys remember the game where I was playing that esper deck and I kept recurring Sphinx Sovereign to try to gain life and one of you would always manage to kill him within a turn or two. I think I must have cast that SOB like 15 times. Jesus!

    I agree that tense, down to the wire games are really fun. However, it seems like more often than not, there are two big players and one guy who's definitely not going to win, but somehow he gets to decide who will ultimately win. Like if he Bolts Phil's creature then the other person will win, but if he bolts that other person's life total, then phil will definitely win. But he can't just sit there because someone will probably take him out the next turn regardless. I find those games kind of frustrating.